Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wiper's Intelligence

Starting from this post, I'll put my mileage and general conditions of my exora. I just brought my exora to Proton Service Center at Puchong for 5000km service but the actual mileage is 7000km. Somehow I confused whether it should be 5000 or the one stated on sticker, 6700. Service manual clearly states 1000, 5000, 10000, etc. The guy attending my service says that since my first service was at 1700, then next one should be 6700. Whatever....

Now back to the main topic. I felt embrassed for my ignorance about this wiper features. I thought we can only adjust the timer for intermittent mode, that's it. How wrong am I. Apparently this wiper will switch mode when vehicle stop from continuous wiping to intermittently wiping and in reverse if vehicle starts moving. Clever isn't it? Enjoy the video showing this operation below:

Final note, I told service guys about small problems with my exora such as that strange sound when driving over the bump, broken clips of netting, shrudder wiper. They informed me that new parts are coming in by the name of "stopper" to prevent that strange sound and also new netting. For strange reason, I heard new sound coming from the side of my vehicle randomly. HHmmmm.......back to Proton Service Center again.

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