Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Off Topic: Traditional Malay House

I am growing to like snapping pictures of traditional malay houses around the country. It all started with my wife's Perak house. As you can see below, each has its own distinctive styles. I just had this sad feeling that one day all these houses will be gone judging by the rate it diminished. Yes building house from wood is very expensive nowadays but........

From Proton Exora Experience

From Proton Exora Experience

From Proton Exora Experience

Off Topic: Al barakah Again

Hi all,
I'm sorry for lack of update from this blog. My exora runs fine so far, no problem whatsoever hence no news :-)
What I like to update is about my love with this arabic food.

From Proton Exora Experience

Grilled Fish

From Proton Exora Experience

Grilled Lamb

From Proton Exora Experience

Chicken Kabshah

For those who are interested to know the location of this restaurant, click here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daring What?

From Proton Exora Experience

Somehow this daring card from Proton Edar missed my attention all this while until last Saturday when I visited COE. Right smack at the front of showroom I was approached by service center guy and he told me about this card. He also said that there´s a free 20 point checks for any proton cars which I duly agreed and also informed him about my exora´s noisy wiper. The solution was to lubricate its rubber, whatever, as long as it doesn´t produce that irritating noise.

So guys, if youŕe looking at ways to get some discounts from spare parts of your proton car, get this card and the best part is itś free for 1st year.

The reason I and my family went to COE was because thereś a carnival like event at all Proton Edar and EON sales center called ¨Proton 4 You¨. I think it´s in conjunction with the launch of B-line exora I blog about.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Exora: B Line For RM57,548

Right on the eve of grand launch of Perodua's MPV, Proton tries to steal the thunder with another variant of Exora called B-Line or basic version. It strip down many of the H-Line features like:

- Manual transmission only
- Driver airbag only
- No ABS and EBD

and lots of others.

However with the price of only RM57k, it's RM18k LESS than what I paid for my H-line. Booking RM500 and three colors to choose from are white, grey and black.

If anyone asked me if this is a good buy compared to 'other' national MPV, the asnwer definitely YES.

From Proton Exora Experience

From Proton Exora Experience

From Proton Exora Experience

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Off Topic: Facinating Melaka

Itś been way back to 2003 I think when I last visited Melaka. Thereś no Dataran Pahlawan or Menara Taming Sari back then. I completely taken aback with these tourists attraction. Congratulation to Melaka State Governement for their vision. Otherwise thereś always be old and boring Bandar Hilir with bullock car.


Other attractions around this place are Muzium TLDM (Malaysiaś Marine Army), Dataran Samudera, Replica ship of Flor De La Mar, River Cruising, Jonker Street, A Farmosa, etc.

Viperś Shame

I felt ashamed everytime driving my exora in the rain. As you can see and hear from above video, it sounds awful and like car with old viper but mine is just 5 month only. I already informed Proton Edar Service Center at Puchong but nothing was done it seems.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Off Topic: Muzium Orang Asli (indigenuous people)

After lunch at Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah at Melawati, we headed towards Old Gombak road(Route 68)not knowing what to expect. As with most people, Karak Highway (E8) is only known route to Genting and East unlike this almost deserted road. My kids got excited when we told them about Muzium Orang Asli and insists that I stop by. The location is shown below to those who are clueless of its whereabout.

View Muzium Orang Asli in a larger map

My kids were asking lots of questions about orang asli with usual why this, why that........while I kept thinking of the right answers. One notable pictures shown was the way some orang asli cook rice in bamboo which is similar to what Malays cook their lemang.

Admission is free and only registration is needed. It's close on Friday and I've seen some souvenir shops without anyone manning it. Our photos below:

Muzium Orang Asli