Sunday, July 26, 2009

GPS Navigation on Exora, part 2.

Parden me on part 1 video. It's my first attempt to create a video tutorial. I'm using Toshiba G810 smartphone as my video source. Thanks for the feedback.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank you Proton!

I would like to extend my gratitude to Proton for assigning someone to do a survey on my exora. I hope Proton will utilize the data to their good use and overcome any problems occured. There are lots of questions being asked in the survey such as whether I like BCM, DVD, bluetooth, etc. Any problems with interior and exterior. Should Proton installed parking camera?

In the end, they offered me a Petronas voucher worth RM15 and I told them that they should organized something like a family day if they really interested to gather more data. Any exorian who read my blog can call this lady to be interviewed.

To you guys from whatever research network, here is your photo :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Off Topic: HM Bagan Seafood Restaurant, Bagan Lalang and Al Baraka Restaurant, Cyberjaya Again

By now some of you guys knew that I like to visit restaurants around Klang Valley with my family of course......driving an exora.

People said that if you like something, you wanted to tell the world about it. It's no exception with me and I'll tell you again about Al Baraka Restaurant in Cyberjaya. I have some more photos to show just in case anyone needs it to convince themselves :-)

Another one is called HM Sri Bagan at Bagan Lalang. It's famous for its seafood like fish, squid, prawn, cockle and all other seafoods. I visited this place earlier in March 2009 during normal working day and it's quiet. But this time, it's over the weekend, almost full house and we have to wait for 45 minutes for the food to arrived.


My exora's mileage has reached 3000km now. It's not much since I don't drive it everyday. I had a chat with another exorian which also my neighbour last Sunday and he had an interesting story. Apparently his exora had loose rubber pipe to the radiator and to cut long story short, had his engine rebuilt due to overheat.

I also informed him about DTE, AFC, IFC and JT indicators. DTE is Distance To Empty, AFC is Average Fuel Consumption, IFC is Instantaneous Fuel Consumption and finally, JT is Journey Time. All these indicators can be shown one at a time buy pressing preset button for 5 seconds while ODO is shown on the right. It will blinks continuously while we press again the preset button to cycle the readings. My exora shown below is on AFC indicator.

 It's 10liter/100km now which means 18 cents/km. Another neighbour of mine who brought Naza Ria said his is 25 cents/km. Anyone who drives different makes of MPV interested to comment on their fuel consumption?

My exora runs on Goodyear tyre with indicated pressure as below:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Exora Launched in Indonesia

In their own words.

"JAKARTA: Persaingan di segmen MPV kian memanas. Setelah Honda Freed melenggang di pasar, PT Proton Edar Indonesia merilis mobil keluarga pertamanya Exora dengan tiga varian.

Mobil yang didatangkan dalam kondisi utuh (completely built up/CBU) dari negeri jiran ini akan menjadi andalan Proton Edar untuk memperebutkan kue mobil multi purpose vehicle (MPV) di Tanah Air.

Saat preview produk kemarin, agen tunggal pemegang merek Proton ini mengungkapkan 3 varian Exora yang akan dipasarkan di Indonesia, yaitu Executive transmisi manual, Executive transmisi otomatik, dan Supreme transmisi otomatik

Ketiganya mengusung mesin sejenis yaitu Campro CPS 4 silinder, DOHC 16V. Mesin berkapasitas 1.600 cc ini juga digunakan oleh model sedan Proton Gen 2. Mesin ini diklaim mampu menghasilkan tenaga maksimal 125 hp/93 kw pada 6.500 rpm dan torsi maksimal 150 Nm pada 4.500 rpm.

Dengan kecepatan maksimum 165 km/jam, konsumsi bahan bakar Proton Exora diklaim mencapai 13 kilometer/ liter.

Ketiga varian Exora ini sudah dilengkapi dengan beberapa fitur keamanan dan safety, seperti dua kantung udara, sistem pengereman ABS (anti-lock braking system) dengan EBD (electronic brake force distribution), sensor parkir, dan sistem kunci immobilizer.

Perbedaan mencolok ketiga varian ini terletak pada kelengkapan lain yang disematkan varian Supreme transmisi otomatik. Pada varian termahal Exora ini, Proton melengkapinya dengan cruise control, monitor DVD/LCD, lampu kabut, spoiler belakang, front seat armrest, serta jok yang sudah dibalut kulit."

Source: Bisnis Indonesia Online, Kamis 16/7/2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exora's Family getting Bigger

A few days ago Proton launched another version of Exora which is having a manual transmission. They also launched Saga SE with body kit, leather trim, etc. Manual transmission will probably lessen the effect of underpower feeling since we can manually choose which gear are we in and get hold of it longer.
From Proton Exora Experience

From Proton Exora Experience

Exora manual price is RM64k while saga SE is RM43k.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Joined Other "Exorian" at Facebook

I stumble upon a virtual club catering for Exorian at facebook. I hope it will be more meaningful and informative in my quest to document my experience.

Off Topic: Best Arab Restaurants in Cyberjaya

Sorry friends,
I couldn't help but posting this off topic experience about my favourite eating place at Cyberjaya. There are more than four arabic restaurants in Cyberjaya due to their large communities. I somehow always visited two of it which called Saba and Al-Baraka. They serve best rice I ever tasted which not found in any local restaurants be mamak or malay. I plan to bring my friends to one of this restaurant soon with my exora.

View Arab Restaurants in Cyberjaya in a larger map