Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My exora's mileage has reached 3000km now. It's not much since I don't drive it everyday. I had a chat with another exorian which also my neighbour last Sunday and he had an interesting story. Apparently his exora had loose rubber pipe to the radiator and to cut long story short, had his engine rebuilt due to overheat.

I also informed him about DTE, AFC, IFC and JT indicators. DTE is Distance To Empty, AFC is Average Fuel Consumption, IFC is Instantaneous Fuel Consumption and finally, JT is Journey Time. All these indicators can be shown one at a time buy pressing preset button for 5 seconds while ODO is shown on the right. It will blinks continuously while we press again the preset button to cycle the readings. My exora shown below is on AFC indicator.

 It's 10liter/100km now which means 18 cents/km. Another neighbour of mine who brought Naza Ria said his is 25 cents/km. Anyone who drives different makes of MPV interested to comment on their fuel consumption?

My exora runs on Goodyear tyre with indicated pressure as below:

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  1. Congrats for being among the first to own Proton Exora, according to your chasis number, you're the 586th Exora produced, just got mine last week, my Exora is at 9000th production..

    cheers mate