Monday, October 26, 2009

Off Topic: Muzium Orang Asli (indigenuous people)

After lunch at Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah at Melawati, we headed towards Old Gombak road(Route 68)not knowing what to expect. As with most people, Karak Highway (E8) is only known route to Genting and East unlike this almost deserted road. My kids got excited when we told them about Muzium Orang Asli and insists that I stop by. The location is shown below to those who are clueless of its whereabout.

View Muzium Orang Asli in a larger map

My kids were asking lots of questions about orang asli with usual why this, why that........while I kept thinking of the right answers. One notable pictures shown was the way some orang asli cook rice in bamboo which is similar to what Malays cook their lemang.

Admission is free and only registration is needed. It's close on Friday and I've seen some souvenir shops without anyone manning it. Our photos below:

Muzium Orang Asli

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No more clunking sound

What a relieve. Finally Proton Service Center managed to rectify irritating sounds when my exora hits the bump. On another note, service personel at Proton Service Center told me that service interval should be 5000km NOT 10000km as stated in the service booklet. I challenged him to provide black and white on this issue but he's just dismissed it and talked about oil filter instead.

I email this issue through feedback form yesterday but no reply given so far. Where else can I highlight? I google 'exora service interval' at behold, 10000km in proton-edar website. Who should I believe?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Exora Arrived at Brunei, Third Export Market After Indonesia and SIngapore

From this Article:

HUNDREDS flock to see the unveiling of the first Malaysian multipurpose vehicle (MPV) `Exora’ by Malaysian car manufacturer Proton when it made an official debut here in Brunei at a launching ceremony held at the Rizqun International Hotel yesterday.
Present at the launching ceremony were the Brunei-Muara District Officer, Dato Paduka Haji Md Yusof bin Bakar, High Commissioner of Malaysia to Brunei Darussalam, Dato’ Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari and representatives from proton Holdings Berhad, as well as from Worldwide Motor Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Proton cars in Brunei.
Brunei is the third export market for the Exora after entering the Singapore and Indonesia markets earlier this year. The Exora is also making its way to Thailand and is expected to be launched there in December. This is the 9′ Proton model to be exported to Brunei since proton made its presence in 2002.
The Exora marks Proton’s foray into MPV segment, a new segment for the 24-
year-old company.
“As a relatively young car manufacturer, the Exora is a major achievement for us and it signifies our commitment in developing products that satisfy the current market needs and wants, both domestically and internationally,” said Proton Holdings Berhad Chairman Dato’ Mohd Nadzmi bin Mohd Salleh.
The Exora encompasses almost 90 per cent of Malaysian parts and components and is the first “Malaysian-made’ MPV, with Proton’s involvement right from its design and concept to its engineering and manufacturing stages.
The Exora is also an engineering feat for Proton as it was developed in merely 18 months from the time Proton fixed the design (model-fix) right up to its production stage.
Dato’ Mohd Nadzmi added, “Brunei is an important MPV market for Proton as the segment is in high demand there.
“Our target market is for those families who are looking for an MPV that is competitively priced but spacious, stylish and up-to-date in terms of technology. We hope to see a positive response from the families in Brunei.”

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wiper's Intelligence

Starting from this post, I'll put my mileage and general conditions of my exora. I just brought my exora to Proton Service Center at Puchong for 5000km service but the actual mileage is 7000km. Somehow I confused whether it should be 5000 or the one stated on sticker, 6700. Service manual clearly states 1000, 5000, 10000, etc. The guy attending my service says that since my first service was at 1700, then next one should be 6700. Whatever....

Now back to the main topic. I felt embrassed for my ignorance about this wiper features. I thought we can only adjust the timer for intermittent mode, that's it. How wrong am I. Apparently this wiper will switch mode when vehicle stop from continuous wiping to intermittently wiping and in reverse if vehicle starts moving. Clever isn't it? Enjoy the video showing this operation below:

Final note, I told service guys about small problems with my exora such as that strange sound when driving over the bump, broken clips of netting, shrudder wiper. They informed me that new parts are coming in by the name of "stopper" to prevent that strange sound and also new netting. For strange reason, I heard new sound coming from the side of my vehicle randomly. HHmmmm.......back to Proton Service Center again.