Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Off Topic: HM Bagan Seafood Restaurant, Bagan Lalang and Al Baraka Restaurant, Cyberjaya Again

By now some of you guys knew that I like to visit restaurants around Klang Valley with my family of course......driving an exora.

People said that if you like something, you wanted to tell the world about it. It's no exception with me and I'll tell you again about Al Baraka Restaurant in Cyberjaya. I have some more photos to show just in case anyone needs it to convince themselves :-)

Another one is called HM Sri Bagan at Bagan Lalang. It's famous for its seafood like fish, squid, prawn, cockle and all other seafoods. I visited this place earlier in March 2009 during normal working day and it's quiet. But this time, it's over the weekend, almost full house and we have to wait for 45 minutes for the food to arrived.

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