Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daring What?

From Proton Exora Experience

Somehow this daring card from Proton Edar missed my attention all this while until last Saturday when I visited COE. Right smack at the front of showroom I was approached by service center guy and he told me about this card. He also said that there´s a free 20 point checks for any proton cars which I duly agreed and also informed him about my exora´s noisy wiper. The solution was to lubricate its rubber, whatever, as long as it doesn´t produce that irritating noise.

So guys, if youŕe looking at ways to get some discounts from spare parts of your proton car, get this card and the best part is itś free for 1st year.

The reason I and my family went to COE was because thereś a carnival like event at all Proton Edar and EON sales center called ¨Proton 4 You¨. I think it´s in conjunction with the launch of B-line exora I blog about.

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