Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Exora Auto Cruise

It's been a while since I wrote about my exora. I went back again to my home town over the weekend to meet my parents. So, I thought why not write about auto cruise? I'm quite familiar with proton's auto cruise during my Wira's day until it broke down one day.

However Exora's auto cruise is different than Wira as it's more advanced I would say. In Wira, it's either ON or OFF. Drive to certain speed and press ON button will engages it and to cancel it, stamp on the brake.

Exora's one as depicted above is quite different. For a start, it is attached to a stering and occasionally intervene with my fingers.
To operate, just press "IN" and orange icon will appeared at center console like below:
At this time, auto cruise is still not engaged but merely turned ON. In order to engage it, press the toggle "DOWN" at desired speed and that icon will turn green as below:
 What makes it special is that, the cruising speed can be increased or decreased by 1 or 2 kmh while still engaged. The toggle need to be press "DOWN" to decrease the speed or "UP" to increase it. Stamping on brake will cancel the auto cruise but the icon remains orange. Just press "IN"  again to permanently turn it OFF. 
One feature I wish  my exora would have is the temporary suspension of auto cruise when there's a slower vehicle in front. Apparently after reading the manual, temporary suspension of auto cruise is available after stamping on the brake, just press the toggle "UP" and auto cruise will engaged again.
Other infos I found was that auto cruise won't engage if the speed is below 40kmh.


  1. Hi Azmi, thanks for the info above.
    I am a new Exora owner, was wondering does the headlight turn off automatically when we switched off the engine and locked the car while forgetting to turn it off on the switch panel?

  2. Once you pull the key while headlight still turned ON, continuous beep will be activated. There's no way you'll forget about it....