Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hi everyone who stumble upon this blog. I'm trying to document my experience with Proton Exora that I bought in May 2009. The ODO shows 690km only and so far so good. However there are two minor issues:

1. Strange sound whenever I hit a hump or pothole. It's not loud but nevertheless annoying.
2. Probably due to my inexperience in handling auto, it feels difficult to get into the right gear especially when overtaking

I'll service it for 1000km soon and tells about it.


  1. question 2 is likely a combination of not enough gear ratios and not enough torque. you feel like you're always in 2nd gear during most of your driving right?

  2. q2 - tips. tekan minyak separuh then lepaskan sedikit lepas tu tekan penuh. then masa tu baru boleh rasa cps kick-in

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I'm started to get used to exora's driving style and will definitely trying that tips, earlneo....